Why cheapest is not always best....

Every so often (especially in these difficult times) we get asked by a prospective client why our hosting prices aren't as low as some others out there. It's always hard to explain to someone that perhaps paying a little more is a good investment but nowhere is there a better example of getting what you pay for than in the webhosting market.

I know of one competitor who's now actually hosting sites for free for six months - that alone is the surest sign that the webhosting market is going crazy. Nobody, no matter how big they are, can make money giving things away - especially not things that cost them money to provide. At best they are using revenue from existing clients to subsidise new business, no doubt hoping that inertia will help them hold onto those clients after their free deal ends.

The problem is simple - webhosting is a low margin business to begin with, if you start using that margin to subsidise new business then what's left for investment, maintenance and profit??

That is not a sustainable business model, it's barely a business model at all! We don't believe in gimics, or in giving things away - in short, we won't induldge in a crazy pricewar that will only end in tears for everyone.

We have been hosting sites since 1998. We pride ourselves on the fact that some of the clients who were with us then are still with us now. We don't claim to be cheapest, nor will we try to match whatever crazy offer our competitors come out with next - that's not our style.

Instead, we'll stick to what we know and what we think you want from a webhost :

  • Service. We are almost unique in offering a one-to-one service to our clients. No faceless call center or impenetrable ticket system - we deal with our customers personally. We get to know them, understand their projects and work with them to turn their ideas into reality. Try getting that from a 'free' host!

  • Reliabilty. We use the same servers that we host our clients sites on. If something does break (and it doesn't happen often!) we'll usually know about it before you do and be fixing it long before you call. We're prepared to guarantee our uptime, will the free hosts?

  • Adaptability. We know that every project is different and we make sure the hosting we provide matches the project we're delivering. That means no pre-built packages that limit what you can do - if your project needs something unusual then we'll work with you to make it happen, we won't just say 'Sorry, we don't do that'.

Hopefully that explains a little bit of the thinking here and why we sometimes seem a bit more costly than some others. We are, but you really do get what you pay for!