MACdefender - Malware for Macs

It's long been claimed that owners of Apple Mac's didn't have to worry about malware. We've known that to be untrue for a long time now but a newly released malware program has finally brought the message home to Mac owners everywhere - malware for Macs does exist & it's lurking behind your next unwary mouse click!

So what is MACdefender & what can I do about it?

MACdefender is very similar to the numerous 'fake antivirus' scams thathave plagued PC's for years. The way it operates is exactly the same - charge the unwary money to 'fix' a problem that isn't really there. Much of what we wrote on this topic earlier is equally valid for Mac users, it may even be the same scam artists operating the MACdefender scam!

The situation wasn't helped by the fact that until today Apple refused to acknowledge there was a problem, actually telling their own engineers specifically not to suggest a malware infection as the cause of the problem. Fortunately that has now changed & Apple have published removal instructions for the MACdefender malware on their support site.

For those who aren't confident dealing with this themselves we'll happliy remove this malware from your Mac for a fixed fee of just £35.00 & there's no need to dismantle your system or queue at the 'Genius Bar' - we'll come to you and usually have the problem resolved inside 30 minutes!