The curse of modern computing, viruses and spyware account for the vast majority of computer problems seen today. There were recently estimated to be in excess of 2,000 viruses 'in the wild', each one ready and able to infect your PC!  We can easily and quickly remove most viruses from PC's and are happy to install either free or subscription based anti-virus tools to make sure your PC stays clean in future. We recommend and use Avast! anti-virus software which is both effective and free!

Spyware & Trojan Horses
Insidious, hidden and quietly watching every website you visit, every e-mail your type and every purchase you make spyware & trojan horse programs are a leading contributor to the identity theft epidemic sweeping across the world. Often going unnoticed for weeks, even months they represent a serious threat to your privacy and productivity.

DigitalDaemons can remove most spyware from your PC and help you configure your system to make sure it doesn't come back! Virus and spyware removal is available on a collect & return or on-site basis, we may even be able to clean some viruses remotely!