Computer equipment is generally very reliable but like everything it can and does sometimes break down. When it does it can be hard to find someone to repair it and even when you do it often involves dismantling all your equipment and taking to them. We offer an on-site PC support & repair service for most common computer faults, eliminating the need for you to dismantle your equipment and take it to a repair shop. In many cases we can repair your PC on the spot, often on the first visit - saving you time and money!

We also offer an upgrade service designed to breathe new life into older PC's. Often they simply need more memory or a larger hard disk - both of which are far less expensive than buying a new computer! What's more, when we upgrade or replace your hard disk we can transfer all your data (including windows, your pictures, music and other data) to the new disk so you don't have to go through a lengthy 'backup and restore' process.

Repairs to laptops can be undertaken, however due to the complexity of laptop repairs these often require to be carried out at our workshop. Should this be the case we will collect and return your laptop from your home or office free of charge at a time that is convenient to you.

Repairs start at £35 plus any parts and a full, no obligation quotation can be given prior to any work being undertaken. Please call us for full details, in most cases we can give you an estimate over the phone!